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WARNING:These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tobacco-Free Nicotine By Next Generation Labs

Posted on July 01 2016

What Is TFN?

Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN) is a synthetic form of nicotine created by Next Generation Labs. Currently, most e-liquids are categorized as tobacco products, as they're derived or extracted from tobacco leaf. Next Generation Labs has come up with a synthetic process to manufacture nicotine that's not derived from "tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust." The final result is said to be a tasteless and purest form of nicotine that enhances the flavors of e-juices, rather than adding a pungent odor or flavor. Next Generation Labs is the first to successfully create a tobacco free nicotine with the exact biological properties as nicotine derived from tobacco.


Benefits of TFN™ Nicotine

– Base compounds purchased from accredited suppliers.

– No requirements to grow specialty tobacco raw materials.

– No genetic plant modification required to reach desired nicotine level.

– No separate tobacco processing required to obtain an extracted nicotine.

– Same biological impact as tobacco derived nicotine.

– Dramatically reduced odor and harshness in nicotine flavor.

– No tobacco derived constituent or agricultural by-products in TFN™ Nicotine."

 Next Generation Labs


Who's Using TFN?

If you're interested in trying out how tobacco-free nicotine measures up, it's already available with a few brands you've probably seen on the market. Currently, the first company to use tobacco-free nicotine in their juice is NKTR by SQN. They have also created a line called NKTR Sour, with flavors that have a tart twist. NKTR is known to be able to create layers of subtle and complex flavors that are true to their descriptions. We've also seen another brand using TFN called Peel E-liquids by CRFT. 




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  • Roy Ruiz jr: January 04, 2019

    Hey guys. Been a customer since april of last year and your company is the best vape shop I’ve been to.

    When are you going to sell the new freemax twisters?

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