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Ceramic Coil-less Tanks: The First Generation

Posted on April 28 2016




There’s a new trend in tanks and they’re showing up coil-less. Will this re-wickable deviation from the standard coil become the next “must-have” feature on your checklist? This concept is the latest in great innovation and with the very first coil-less tank, the Altus Guo, you’d have to be willing to pay upwards of $100 to get your hands on their latest tech (the CVU or center vaping unit chip). However, the Guo now has some competitors in the market offering different options. They all allow you to achieve the same concept of having a re-wickable tank that will possibly make the necessity of coils in the future become obsolete.

Altus By Guo (Bottom-Fill)

Price Point: around $100
Heating Element Material: Ceramic and Tungsten
Heating Element Approximate Lifespan: Years
(1 year warranty; voided if dry burned)
Tank Capacity: 3.5 ml
Resistance: approx. 0.5 ohm
Wattage: 25-75 in non TC mode; 300-480 F in TC mode
Pros: innovative technology, longevity, flavor
Cons: vapor production, re-wicking process, ramp
up time, not top-fill


Notes: Stretching out the cotton will make it more absorbent for wicking.
(Improved top-fill Altus T1 will be available soon)

Pure X2 By Pioneer4you (Top-Fill)

pure x2 pioneer4you ceramic coilless tankPrice Point: around $30
Heating Element Material: Alloy
Heating Element Approximate Lifespan: 3 months
Tank Capacity: 4 ml
Resistance: 0.05 ohm
Wattage: up to 75; 75 joules in TC mode
Pros:  vapor production, self-cleaning (by dry burning
without the wick at low wattage), large wicking areas/ports
Cons: only compatible with certain mods, leakage

Notes: IPV Pure X2N is said to be released soon with a smaller 2 ml capacity and will beable to fire 5 to 80 watts. The YiHi technology within the tank will only be compatible with the YiHi SX Mini ML Class or iPV5  mod like the previous X2 model.  

Krixus By HorizonTech (Top-Fill)

horizon krixus ceramic coilless tank

Price Point: around $35
Heating Element Material: Ceramic and Tungsten
Heating Element Approximate Lifespan: 6 months
Tank Capacity: 4 ml
Resistance: 0.3 ohm
Wattage: 60-120
Pros: vapor and flavor production, large
juice openings for convenient refilling
Cons: wicking process needs finessing, spit back and leakage have been experienced


Notes: Dry burn the coil head with cotton removed at 30 watts to clean. For the best results, wrap the cotton loosely within the sleeve to avoid choking the coil.

 Dolphin By Gigue

gigue dolphin ceramic coilless tank

Price Point: around $35
Heating Element Material: Ceramic
Heating Element Lifespan: N/A
Tank Capacity: 4 ml
Resistance: 0.4 ohm
Wattage: 30-90
Pros: sliding top fill design
Cons: flavor, vapor



Notes: Gigue manufactured the Tug Tank by Flawless, in which the hardware design is nearly identical. The only difference is the branding on the tank.


With the current ceramic coil-less tanks available, there’s obvious flaws to be dealt with such as ramp up time, fluctuating resistance and complicated re-wicking processes. However,  the development of coil-less tanks is worth pursuing for the benefits that can be achieved with further refinement.

The pure flavor from ceramic coils isn’t the only factor that makes ceramic something worth looking into. Along with great taste, the longevity that’s provided from the ceramic’s self-cleaning capabilities can save you money in the long run, just as the coil-less tank was intended. For instance, a TFV4 coil can cost you about $4 and will last you about two weeks, along with the original cost of the tank, which is about $30 dollars. In a month, the TFV4, in coils will cost you around $8 dollars to maintain good flavor and vapor production. With a ceramic coil-less tank, for example, the Krixus, will initially cost you around $35. However, in a months time, it will only cost around $4 dollars in cotton to maintain. In a year, that's a comparison of $96 for a regular sub-ohm tank vs $48 dollars for a coil-less tank. That's a definite factor that can sway someone to go coil-less and a reason why we strongly think this concept is going to be sticking around.

With the progression of coils, ceramic seems to be a viable new transition that future tanks designs will be incorporating for the reasons mentioned. More and more companies are already integrating the concept into their tanks such as Vaporesso Target, a tank that's been raved for its flavor delivery, lack of spitback, and lack of dry hits. The future of coil-less could be seen in just the same way with the improvements on the flaws that are present.  These companies have already listened and have begun the designs on their second generation tanks.


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