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Aspire Triton

Posted on June 17 2015

Aspire Triton



Aspire Triton Overview


From the Nautilus to the Atlantis, Aspire is now expected to release another tank we feel has the potential to have as much impact. The tank is named after the mythological God and messenger of the sea, the Triton. The Aspire Triton has been redesigned with features that make it a hybrid with components of both a tank and RBA. We've asked for improvements to their previous designs and it seems like they've delivered. Following the popular Atlantis and the Atlantis v2, the Triton has impressive shoes to fill and we're anxious to see how it measures up not only to its predecessors, but to the wide selection of sub ohm tanks currently on the market. With the array of great features and the visually appealing design, it looks like it'll be another big hit.

Drip Tip Airflow 

The Triton has a drip tip air flow control feature like the Atlantis V2. The usual adjustable airflow at the base of the tank along with the drip top airflow gives a wide range of custom airflow settings. Since the Triton drip tip has a standard 510 connection, it'll also be compatible with most devices unlike the wide bore tip on the Atlantis V2. The drip tip features a two-piece design, so when you switch drip tips, you're able to keep the adjustable airflow option, along with heat-sink fins.
The adjustable airflow drip tip allows for the ability to have cooler vapor, but sometimes this slightly mutes the flavor from different e juices, but the flexibility is a  nice feature to have for vapers who prefer a cool vape and maximum airflow. The four fins located right above the airflow slots help direct heat away from the tip and helps prevents heat from getting trapped. This avoids the common problem of having a hot tip that vapers usually experience when you set your device to higher wattages.

Top Filling Design 

Aspire has implemented the top filling design into the Triton for more convenient refilling. It's the first tank Aspire has released with this option and we're definitely anticipating to see how well they've executed it. As companies continue to battle it out for sub ohm market domination, this convenient feature will more likely become the standard for future tanks from all companies. The Triton has two symbols engraved into the tank to lock and release the tip for refilling, the vaping symbol to lock and the drip symbol to release. To take the tip off to refill, you have to twist the tip to face the arrow to the water drop symbol on the tank. Once you remove the tip, all you have to do is drip your juice into the holes at the top of the tank, then twist the top back to face the vaping symbol to lock the tip back into place. 

Rebuildable Deck & Coils

Aspire has finally designed a tank that allows builders to do what they love doing. With the new RBA deck, vapers can build their own custom coils directly in the tank. Along with the rebuildable option, Aspire is releasing new coils specifically for the Triton. Hopefully the new coils will perform even better than the Atlantis coils, which are already high quality, with better flavor and longevity. The coils use 100% Japanese organic cotton and will be available in 0.3 ohms (suggested wattage of 55-65w), 0.4 ohms (suggested wattage of 25-35w), and 1.8 ohms (suggested wattage of 10-13w). The 1.8 ohm coils will allow vapers to take a mouth to lung hit, making the Aspire Triton the first sub ohm tank to offer such an option.

Mouth to Lung Hits with Redesigned Coils

Tank Sleeves

Aspire has designed two hollow tank sleeve accessories to change up the look of your tank. Which option do you prefer?


  • Painklr: August 28, 2015

    Just got my hands on bad boy today!!! Beats anything I have tried. Aspire you did it again…and we thank you!!!!?

  • Donna Heidger: June 28, 2015

    Im excited to get my Titan !!! I love my Aspire Atlantis 1 the very first one but with that said im really looking forward to the 1.8 coil and hit mouth to lung with that ohm level cause even on just my regular minis I can vape mouth to lung but even better on my Atlantis 1 so now I can only imagine how its going to be ,plus I love the new look and to fill at top with out taking bottom off is going to be Awesome :-) Im a big Aspire fan love all there tanks ,I just wish the coils wasnt so high but I can say I do get a lot of life outta the coils and they do last ,plus im a coupon coil shopper lol when I find them discounts "" I stock up ""

  • Mark - Boston: June 27, 2015

    This looks dope. As far as top filling goes, the OBS T-VCT sub tank already has this feature & it is so convenient. So I look forward to the Triton. What does mouth to lung hit mean?

  • Brad Scott: June 19, 2015

    Man this thing does look dope, no doubt.

    Why its taken this long to get a tank that has a “top-fill” feature is WAYYYY beyond me… but Im pumped.
    I want to get the Atlantis V2, but have been waiting until Aspire releases some kind of RBA deck for the Atlantis line; unfortunately though, Im wondering if the Titan is the only RBA deck theyre goin to be offering (or in other words, no rba for ANY Atlantis)… that ticks me off.

    As far as this new rba section for Titan?.. hmm, interesting design. Id prefer the standard kind that you see on the Sub-Tank for example. We’ll see though… I imagine RipTripper will def review this, so… i’ll check that.

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