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Huff & Puffers is a proud member of the vaping industry and offers an e-cigarette starter kit for users of all levels. Most of our kits include everything that you could possibly want for your vaping needs, including the e-liquid, pen, and accessories.

If you’re hoping to learn more about vaping, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a thorough breakdown of kits and everything you need to make the transition to vaping.

Starter Kits
If you’re just getting used to the idea of vaping, an e-cigarette starter kit is a great way to, well, start! You’ll get everything you need without the process becoming too confusing or overwhelming. As time goes on, you can always add accessories or upgrade to a different model should you choose to continue vaping.

An e-liquid cigarette kit traditionally includes a charger, adapter, batteries, clearomizers, and coil replacement heads. The vaping pen is typically available in a variety of colors and batteries can last up to 8 hours in most models. Some e-cigarette starter kits come with an interchangeable drip tip should you choose to customize your vaping experience as desired.

Mod Box Kit
The first thing that you’ll notice with a mod kit is that the cigarette itself looks much different. It’s about the size of an old-fashioned beeper with a mouthpiece sticking out from it. It’s meant to be compact yet powerful. They can hold a large amount of e-liquid, extending the time between refills.

One of the best advantages of mod box e-cigarettes is that their shape and size makes them easier to conceal. They fit easily into pockets, where large vape pens tend to fall out. Also, the mod box design is much more durable. If you’re worried about damaging your e-cigarette, a mod box could make more sense for you.

Customizable Kits
You always have the option of purchasing your e-cigarette necessities separately, essentially making your own kit. If you’re on the lookout for a cheap e-cigarette starter kit, you might find this option appealing. You can purchase only what you need, which could be economical if you’re only looking to see if vaping is the right choice for you.

Narrowing Down Your Choices
With such a wide variety of cheap e-cigarette starter kits to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Huff & Puffers is always willing to help you make your decision by answering your questions and giving you specific details on each available e-liquid cigarette kit. Here’s our advice when it comes to starter kits and the most professional kits offered on our site.

What are the benefits of an e-cigarette starter kit?
A starter kit is great for anyone hoping to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. They’re a great way to introduce vaping into your life without a huge financial commitment. Huff & Puffers offers such a wide variety that you’re sure to find a cheap e-cigarette starter kit. Do I start with a pro kit?
You could. If you’re a heavy smoker and want to make the transition to vaping, this could be your best bet. Sometimes, heavy smokers find vaping to be not satisfying enough for their nicotine cravings. This is usually because they start with a kit that was never made for a heavy smoker. You might also be ready for a pro kit if you’ve been vaping with a starter kit for quite some time and want to add some accessories or use a more advanced vaping technique.

What Comes in an E-Liquid Cigarette Kit?
As you explore the world of vaping, you’ll come across a few terms that could sound like they’re from another language. While each kit will vary, you’ll find the that the majority of e-cigarette kits include the following.

Vape Pen or Vape Mod
A vape pen is the main component of an e-cigarette. They range in size and are used to inhale heated e-liquid, which delivers flavor and nicotine to the user. A vape mod is essentially a modified vape pen. It’s much more powerful and increases vapor production and flavor.

As the name suggests, clearomizers feature a clear plastic or glass body that allows you to see the level of e-liquid inside at all times. This prevents you from running low or completely out of juice while on the go.

Drip Tip
The drip tip is an alternative to e-cigarette cartomizers or cartridges. They eliminate e-juice squirting and allow you to switch flavors as desired. A drip tip will give you full, clean flavor all while enjoying consistent vapor production.

Batteries provide the power source that your electronic cigarette needs to operate. Some models allow you to switch out batteries while others will need to be recharged between uses.

You will have to use your charger as needed to keep your electronic cigarette working. It’s best only to charge as needed instead of leaving your electronic cigarette on a charger for hours at a time.

E-liquid is what makes vaping so much fun. It’s the fluid required in an electronic cigarette and provides nicotine and flavoring. It’s also what creates vapor during exhalation and what makes vaporizing so similar to traditional cigarette smoking. E-liquids come in different strengths, with some containing no nicotine and others providing enough to satisfy a heavy smoker’s cravings.

Check Out Our Helpful Customer Service
Huff & Puffers is also unique in our approach to customer satisfaction. We offer a great rewards program that allows customers to earn as they shop. You’re automatically enrolled when you create a customer account, and you’ll receive 10% back on points when purchasing e-juices. You can earn reward points to purchase any product on the site. There’s no need to hassle with coupon codes. Simply shop, earn, and redeem!

If you’re not sure which kit suits you and your vaping needs best, feel free to reach out to Huff & Puffers so that we can answer your questions and get you started with the best e-liquid cigarette kit for you.

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