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7 Reasons Why You Should Use an External Battery Charger

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7 reasons why you should use an external battery charger - huffandpuffers blog

So you’ve purchased your first box mod and a set of batteries and have been told or heard it’s a good idea to purchase an external battery charger. You might be wondering if you really need it and if it’s worth shelling out the extra 20 or 30 bucks since your mod already has a USB charger. Well, the answer is most certainly yes, and here are 7 simple reasons why you should use an external charger.

nitecore battery charger

1. Faster Charging

battery charge speed

  • Depending on the brand, the latest external chargers are capable of charging your battery up to 3 amps. Some manufactures are claiming a depleted 18650 battery can be fully charged in just a little under 1.5 hours.

  • The majority of vape mods on the market only have a 1 amp charge rate with only a handful capable of 2 amps. This means a dual battery mod with 2500 mAh batteries can take up to 6 hours to fully charge!

  • Although external chargers have the ability to charge at higher rates, it is not recommended to do so all the time and only when you're pinched for time. Doing so may decrease the life of your battery.

2. Charge Multiple Batteries

efest luc blu6 charger

  • Battery chargers currently on the market range from a 1-Bay all the way up to an 8-Bay. Swapping in freshly charged batteries will keep you vaping all day without the hassle of recharging.

  • This is also a plus for vapers with several multi-battery box mods.

    3. Reliable Chip and Accuracy

    external battery charger chip

    • External chargers hands-down have a much more reliable chip when compared to box mods. You want your batteries to reach a maximum 4.2 volts capacity or slightly below, but the key here is accuracy and consistency. Overcharging is potentially dangerous and bad for the long-term life of your batteries. This is why they will automatically detect and stop charging once the batteries are fully charged.

    • Good external chargers have a large LCD screen to display anything from battery voltage, settings, charging current, temperature, and other parameters. You’ll also be able to monitor the batteries and their health.

    • Some chargers are capable of charging Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCD, and IMR batteries, which is a plus for versatility. The user can customize each individual bay to a specific setting.

    • Box mods with micro USB internal chargers are fragile and can get damaged with day-to-day usage while your external charger is safely stowed at home.

    4. Even Charging

    battery charger LED screen

    • Many older box mods do not have balanced charging and are not capable of applying independent charges to the individual battery cells. Basically, if you have a two or three battery mod – the cells are only treated as a single unit and a single charge is applied in series to the positive and negative terminals. In addition, box mods have been tested to show a drop of up to 20% in current flow with the second or third batteries.

    • Newer mods such as the Smok Alien Kit have balanced charging but should not be used as a primary source of charging. The internal charger has a much higher chance of going faulty with regular usage when compared to a standalone external charger. It's much easier and more convenient to carry an extra set of batteries when traveling instead of having to wait for your mod to charge.

    • As a safety feature, non balanced charging devices will stop charging when one of the cells reaches the maximum safe voltage, leaving one battery fully charged and the others partially.

      5. Charge Different Sized Batteries
      efest luc v4 charger

      • Many chargers on the market have the ability to charge multiple sized batteries, ranging from 16340s all the way up to 26650s.

      • Their versatility allows users to charge batteries for other applications such as tools and flashlights.

      6. Safety

      vape battery explosion

      • Overcharging batteries is dangerous and could potentially cause harm. This is why it’s so important to have a charger that will automatically stop charging once the batteries reach maximum capacity.

      • Over discharging is equally as important and can be dangerous. Chargers such as the Efest LUC Series will apply a trickle charge when the voltage is below 2.9 volts. Once the battery reaches a safe voltage, a normal charge current will be applied.

      • A well-built charger is constructed out of a durable and fire retardant PC and ABS plastic.

      • Unlike box mods, your batteries will not be enclosed during charging. External chargers are designed to dissipate heat and are crucial to keeping your batteries cool and safe. Some external chargers will also monitor the temperature of your batteries and will cut-off if they become too hot.

        voopoo drag box mod
      • In addition, they also offer reverse polarity protection. The batteries will not be charged if inserted incorrectly and won’t cause harm to them or the charger.

        7. Increased Battery Life

            • Having the ability to set specific charging settings for your batteries can help extend its life. Not allowing the batteries to overcharge not only keeps the battery healthy but keeps them lasting as well.

            • Charging at a slower rate such as 0.5 amps instead of 2.0 amps also increases their longevity.

            • Heat is another enemy for your batteries and is the biggest cause of damage and reduced lifespan. Your external charger's ability to temperature sense along with its heat dissipation properties will ensure your batteries will age slower.

          When it comes to purchasing an external battery charger, there are many different types and brands you can chose from to best suit your vaping needs.

          The most important factors to be mindful of when selecting one are its features, safety parameters, speed, and accuracy. Nowadays chargers also have bluetooth connectivity and even double as a charging bank for USB devices.

          The external charger is one of the most essential tools for a vaper and you shouldn't go cheap for both safety reasons and convenience.

            Here are some of the most popular and best chargers currently on the market:

            2-Bay Chargers

              xtar sv2 charger

              • Nitecore D2 Digicharger

              nitecore d2 digicharger

              4-Bay Chargers

              • Efest LUC V4

              efest luc v4 charger

              • Nitecore D4 Digicharger

              nitecore d4 digicharger

              6-Bay Charger

                • Efest LUC V6

                efest luc v6 charger

                8-Bay Charger

                GYRFALCON All-88 charger